Hosting Schedule for 2024

NOTE:  Host (person who arrives early to set up zendo) will also serve as monitor (person who keeps time, rings the bell and leads the opening & closing chants). If you are not able to perform these duties, it is your responsibility to identify a more senior person who can before the evening begins.  A senior sangha member who is hosting should be prepared to also serve as ino (person who leads chants) on weeks 3 & 4 when we chant or hold service. If you have questions, ask ahead of time.

June 6 (hybrid) Koryu  (Zoom link)
June 13 Kathleen
June 20 Ahn’i- Sandokai
June 27 Laura

July 4 No sitting  (Zoom link)
July 11 Koryu
July 18 Shih-In Ma- Hokyozanmai
July 25 Donen


August 1 Hoyu  (Zoom link)
August 8 Brandon
August 15- Keien - Daihishin Dharani
August 22
August 29 Ahn’i