3rd Week Chant Dedication

We dedicate the merits of this recitation of ______________ for all those who are suffering, for those who have died in great travail and for those who we hold by name in our \ hearts / and minds (pause). We further offer the merit generated by our recitation to all great teachers of truth throughout the world and to those who bring us wisdom and guidance on the path, to our ancestors who have brought us life and to all those yet unborn.

And at this time our merit is offered for all victims of war, those suffering from racial injustice, oppression, economic hardship, natural disaster and terror. For those who are trapped in ignorance and hate and for all who are in prison in body and in mind.  For all beings in the ten directions and the three times.  May we and all beings together realize the Awakened Way —\ /…

◎All Buddhas throughout space and time…
◎All Honored Ones, Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas…
◎Wisdom beyond wisdom…maha •  prajna • para • mi •ta • (bell run as we stand for 3 full bows…)

• bow 
• bow 
• • bow 

(Finishing with…)
• one standing bow in gassho to the ultimate world (represented by Buddha)
• one standing bow in shashu to the relative world (represented by Sangha)


(Rev. 01-21-24)